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Total Home Remodeling in Hampton Roads, Virginia

Total home remodeling projects are a challenge. Completely transforming your home into the living space of your dreams is a project that should be undertaken by experienced and professional contractors and home builders that will bring a touch of personalization and customization to your home. Murillo Construction are the top-rated experts in home remodeling in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Locals in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and surrounding areas can take full advantage of our services for even the most demanding renovations.

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Update Your Entire Home With Us!

Completely renovating your home depends on success factors. The right remodeling and construction company (like Murillo Construction) needs to provide not only the expertise, but the building stones to execute such a large-scale project. We provide everything from start to finish. When you hire our construction team, we take care of materials, permits, labor, planning and coordination, interior and exterior elements, layout changes, and more. When we take on a whole house renovation, we provide:
Demolition Foundation repairs Door installation Electrical rewiring Plumbing updates HVAC system installation Insulation installation Drywall installation Flooring installation Painting and finishing Cabinet installation Countertop installation Tile work Lighting installation
Framing Roofing Trim and molding Staircase construction Deck or patio construction Exterior landscaping Garage renovation Soundproofing Basement finishing Attic conversion High-end renovations Wall reconfiguration Skylight installation Accessibility modifications
Exterior siding Window installation Wine cellar construction Home theater setup Home gym construction Sauna or spa installation Home office design Laundry room updates Pantry organization systems Custom shelving Exterior painting Outdoor kitchens Energy-efficient upgrades

Whole Home Remodeling vs. By Room Remodeling

Whole Home Remodeling

A whole home remodeling is an ambitious project that involves revamping your entire living space. Features:
  • Seamless flow between rooms
  • Consistent design
  • Increase market value

By-Room Remodeling

Our by-room remodeling services provide targeted enhancements to specific areas of your home.

  • Focused upgrades
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Minimal disruptions

Bathroom Remodeling

Our whole house remodeling includes bathroom remodeling upgrades. We work meticulously to create comfortable spaces in your home. From tile work, flooring, and backsplashes, our construction company will give your bathroom the upgrade it deserves.

Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen space will be completely renovated during our whole house remodeling in Hampton Roads, but you can also opt for our kitchen remodeling service. We update everything from counter space to your kitchen’s flooring.

Our Home Remodeling Projects in Hampton Roads

Areas We Serve

Virginia Beach, VA
Norfolk, VA
Williamsburg, VA

Chesapeake, VA
Suffolk, VA
Newport News, VA

Why Choose Us?

Murillo Construction is a five-star, locally owned construction company with decades of experience in the remodeling business. We specialize in high-end projects, large remodeling plans, and specialized buildings in the Hampton Roads area. We exceed expectations, providing cutting edge construction technology, experienced professionalism, and a personalized touch to all of our work. Choosing us means:

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Quality construction
  • Trust and reliability

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